About PATH

About PATH

Partners Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) provides Christ-centered therapy and treatment for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. We utilize a long-term aftercare program to bring wholeness and healing to survivors who have completed detox but still need a transition to be ready for independence. We do not provide emergency care, but we assist survivors in finding a new life and new identity. Our focus is healing for victims of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Through life skills, creative activities, and recreation we help our survivors to face traumas, learn ways to cope, and gain skills needed to successfully reintegrate.

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If you believe that you may be experiencing human trafficking or sexual slavery, call us 24/7 at 501-519-5595.

If there’s an immediate risk of injury to yourself or others, please dial 911 and request an ambulance or law enforcement.

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Prevention starts with you! Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry, and we believe awareness can change that.

PATH Partnerships

Churches all over Arkansas make it possible for PATH to care for survivors of sex trafficking and provide free community education.

Our Mission

Centered in Christ, our focus at PATH is to deliver hope for healing, personal growth, and future success. Our mission is to provide a program of restoration and community reintegration for rescued victims through a variety of programs and services. Besides providing therapeutic services and a safe place for survivors, PATH provides education in Arkansas and surrounding states to all ages on prevention, awareness and intervention.

Our Mission

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There are many ways to help support PATH. Whether your help comes through a financial donation or volunteering, your gift is precious to us!


Your gift provides the essential resources for PATH to continue providing for survivors of trafficking; guiding them to restoration, wholeness, and independence. To a survivor, your donation is a life transformation.


Latest News & Updates

PATH is changing our education tactics! In the past, we have scheduled a certain number of Sex Crimes Awareness Trainings (SCAT) and tried to advertise it for people to sign up. We are changing it up! Currently, you can schedule a SCAT for your own church or organization! We ask that you provide the location and the AVL and get 10 people to sign up. 
Are you wondering what the SCAT is about? We cover a range of topics in-depth. These topics include human trafficking, grooming, survivor interaction, how a brain is traumatized, how to be safe on the internet or while dating, teaching children about the internet, pornography, how to respond when trafficking is suspected, and ways you can get involved and make a difference. We have heard from so many previous attendees how impactful this class was. Now, we have updated the information and the way we present it!
Schedule a SCAT with your church, hotel business, or trucking company today! Everyone should be educated regarding human trafficking and how to be safe! This class is now free, with donations accepted. We will also sell T-shirts and other merchandise! Register at our Education page on our website:
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“I really don’t feel like I have any say in the situation” Tonja said. She had been living with a “purchaser” for the last 5 years. They had 2 children together and although he remained sexually abusive and had multiple affairs, Tonja believed she was “stuck”.

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