Partners Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) is a non-profit organization of individuals who advocate for the future of survivors of sex trafficking, abuse, and exploitation. We offer hope and healing for survivors and education for the community which has a duty to eradicate such activity within Arkansas.

PATH offers a variety of services for survivors of sexual abuse and their families. Additionally, PATH provides training and education on what sexual abuse and sex-trafficking is, indicators that someone is being “groomed,” how to stay safe, and what do if abuse or trafficking is suspected. Through awareness, education, and changing, strengthening, or creating new laws, PATH helps victims heal and find their independence, breaking the cycle of abuse within our communities.

Our Programs

We house women in our Restoration Center who have already completed detox. While they live there, they will attend our new aftercare program where they will discover their identity in Christ and follow their dreams and passions in their journey to independence and reintegration. This is long-term, transitional aftercare, not emergency placement.

Christ-Centered Values

PATH was created out of an intense desire to serve the Lord through his children who have suffered at the hands of those who have sought to traffick, exploit, and abuse them for sexual purposes. Through Christ-focused programming we provide hope and healing for survivors of sex-trafficking, abuse, and exploitation so they can reclaim control over their lives and reintegrate into their communities.


PATH’s services and programming are based on Biblical principles. We know sex-trafficking and abuse cannot be overcome by earthly means. But with the Lord’s guidance and love, all things are possible!


Survivors of trafficking and abuse are not just souls to be healed. Their experiences strengthen PATH’s efforts to seek solutions and build capacity to help current and future survivors overcome victimization and fulfill their goals as productive members of society.


The only thing separating PATH’s staff from the general public is education – knowledge of the warning signs of trafficking and abuse and knowledge of how to approach the issue. The good thing is that, with education and conviction, anyone can become an advocate in the anti-trafficking movement. Your awareness, time, and donations are all necessary to make PATH’s efforts successful!

A Decade of Success

Since 2011, PATH has worked with individuals, organizations, and the citizens and lawmakers of Arkansas to fight against the prevalence of sex-trafficking activity occurring within and beyond the state’s boundaries.

  • PATH begins operations as the first anti-trafficking agency in Arkansas.
  • PATH opens its first safe house – the only facility of its type in Arkansas and one of four known facilities in the nation.
  • PATH establishes the first HELP-line in Arkansas, one of only a few nationwide.
  • PATH works with the Arkansas General Assembly to change and establish new human trafficking laws. Results include the Human Trafficking Act of 2013 and Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children.
  • The Flights to Freedom program is added to PATH's services. The program provides transportation back to Arkansas for rescued children who have been trafficked and rescued out-of-state.
  • Debut of the national documentary "In Plain Sight," featuring PATH's work along with the efforts of five similar organizations in the country.
  • PATH establishes Arkansas' first transitional living home for sex-trafficking survivors.
  • PATH works with the Arkansas General Assembly to change and establish new laws. Results include the addition of trafficking-related offenses to the Sex Offender Act of 1997, prohibiting human trafficking exploitation in tourism, and prohibiting advertising promoting exploitation.
  • PATH opens the first Day Center for survivors of sexual abuse in Arkansas. It is also the first facility of its type in the nation.
  • PATH works with the Arkansas General Assembly to change and establish new laws related to trafficking. Legislation includes a John Bill providing for vehicle impoundment when an offender is arrested for solicitation of a trafficking victim, as well as requiring human trafficking awareness training for educators.
  • PATH supports Truckers Against Trafficking, assisting in the promotion and passage of a law requiring commercial truck drivers to be educated about human trafficking. Knowing facts about human trafficking and how to spot individuals who may be trapped in a trafficking situation becomes a requirement of the licensing process.
  • PATH forms its Community Education Department. The team is responsible for educating the public about sex-trafficking and serves the states of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.
  • PATH expands its facilities to include a dedicated room for therapeutic arts.
  • PATH expands services to provide child care for children under the age of four, including survivors and children of survivors.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic requires PATH to increase home visits to clients in isolation and assist in tutoring home school students. PATH takes to the road, leaving no survivor alone, and delivers care kits including food, therapeutic  and life skill assignments, and arts and crafts materials.
  • PATH opens The Blue Sparrow, the first survivor-owned and operated resale shop in Arkansas, one of only a few in the nation.
  • In a campaign called Project Homecoming, PATH will raise $200,000 to open a new safe house for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.
  • YOU will help PATH fight sex trafficking and sexual abuse in the state of Arkansas and beyond!